Research & Development
The U-CORD-CELL program is a stem cell technology platform. This program explores dual approaches to the development of medical treatments for the replacement of damaged cells and tissues: i) the utilization of exogenous stem cells, and ii) the mobilization of endogenous stem cells. The current stem cell debate illustrates the need for a reliable source of stem cells that have the potential to differentiate into any type of human cell depending on the conditions under which the stem cell is placed.

The SERT-CELLTM program explores the unique potential of Sertoli cells, protein-rich cells found in the mammalian testes, which inhibit immune reactions to foreign tissues, including transplants. Sertoli cells provide localized immunosuppression, which mitigates the need for a patient to undergo costly and potentially dangerous immune suppression, while the therapy is in effect. Sertoli cells are rich in trophic factors and have shown promise in nervous system regeneration, both in the brain and peripheral nerves.

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